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Boutique Assisted Living Where Every Chapter Matters
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In the grand tapestry of life, every person has a unique tale woven with memories, moments, and milestones. At Nested Story, we believe in honoring and celebrating these stories. We believe in ensuring that every chapter, especially those in their later years of life, is filled with warmth, care, and genuine connection.


Nested Story was born out of a heartfelt commitment that has spanned over two decades. Our founders, driven by an enduring passion, saw beyond the walls and rooms of traditional assisted living. Instead, they envision a safe sanctuary where every individual feels seen, heard, and valued—a place where every story finds its rightful nest.


While many assisted living operate on black-and-white procedures, Nested Story thrives in the spectrum of human emotion. We understand that the journey into assisted living isn’t just a logistical decision but also an emotional one. The process can be laden with feelings of guilt, nostalgia, and a longing for safety and independence. That is why we address not just the practical needs of our residents but also their heart's yearnings. Every staff member is trained to not only care for their physical well-being but also to be compassionate listeners and companions.


Collaboration is at the core of our philosophy. We embrace families, listening to their tales and integrating them into the care we provide. This ensures that the transition into Nested Story is not an end but a beautiful continuation—a new chapter filled with support, understanding, and joy.


Our assisted living isn't just a place; it's a safe community that feels like home. Within our walls, residents find more than just comfort; they find connections. From the design of our spaces to the curated activities, everything is aimed at fostering interactions, evoking memories, and building new stories.

Come. Be a part of Nested Story, where your story is our story, and every chapter is written with love.


the Owners

Stacey Clark, RN

Stacey Clark, RN

Nested Story Boutique Assisted Living



  • 28+ years of experience in senior care 

  • Co-founder/CEO of Virtuous Senior Living

  • Licensed Registered Nurse

  • Former member of the board, of Parkinson's Support Group of Brevard

  • Former member of the board, Florida Assisted Living Association (FALA)

  • Lives on the Space Coast with her husband, Burt and their four children


Jamie Lemon

Jamie Lemon

Nested Story Boutique Assisted Living



  • 30+ years of experience in senior living

  • Co-founder/COO of Virtuous Senior Living

  • Expert in the development and management of assisted living communities of all sizes

  • Set apart by strong Interpersonal skills, diligence, and conscientiousness in his work

  • Lives on the Space Coast with his wife, Ame and their two children


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